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Who says you have to grow up?

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I'm a pretty out-going guy. If you really want to know about me, check out what you can in my journal, my web site, or chat me up. Much of my journal is friends only for numerous reasons so there is definitely a lot more to see than the initial view would give you and even everything in my journal will not give a full picture of me. Some things that might be used to describe (but not necessarily define or limit me) are: gay, techie, kid-at-heart, theatre buff, and gamer. I like to have fun and be who I am. As the saying goes, enjoy what you can of life cuz you won't get out alive.

I've been reshaping things in my life a lot lately to try to keep away from some of the drama and stress and full out bull-shit that I see happening around me. I'm a good friend to those who are true, but screw with me and you'll lose that quickly. Too many people don't know what being a friend means. I'm a pretty open guy so don't be afraid to say hi and see what happens.

my pet!

a-ha, alex ross, anime, apples to apples, arby's, astronomy, back rubs, bears, biking, bladed weapons, bleach, bowling, boxer briefs, buffy, bumpkin buzz, card games, carpe diem, cartoons, ccgs, charmed, cheese, cheesecake, choo-choo bear, city hunter, city of heroes, codename: knockout, comic books, comics, computers, cowboys, cubs, cuddling, dance music, dancing, daydreaming, ddr, everquest 2, exhibitionism, facial hair, friday_the_13th_the_series, friends, fritos, futurama, fuzzy butts, gay, gay cubs, gay men, gnocchi, go go fiasco, goatees, graphic design, great cats, great teacher onizuka, gto, guys, hairy chests, hairy guys, hairy men, hanging out, heresy: kingdom come, highlander, hugging, ice cream, intelligent people, jeeps, jla, joey fatone, jon sable, jsa, justice league, kevin smith, kilts, kissing, kittens, kyle's bed & breakfast, larps, legion of super-heroes, linux, long walks, lupin the 3rd, lycanthropy, machall, magic: the gathering, masturbation, men, movies, munchkin, music, musicals, mythology, netrunner, nicholas brendon, order of the stick, paganism, paranormal, penny arcade, phil foglio, photography, php, piers anthony, pizza, playstation, rage, reading, redheads, robert asprin, roleplaying, rpgs, s club 7, scifi, serial experiments lain, shopping, sleeping in, sliders, something positive, starman, strikeforce: morituri, swords, tanya huff, tarot, techno, teen titans, tennis, theatre, tim mcgraw, touching, true friends, vampires, video games, view askew, voyeurism, vtes, web design, werewolves, westlife, working out, x-men, xander harris, xiaolin showdown, xxxenophile, yu-gi-oh

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